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Work Vocationally
The Creator Age will see far more work processes conducted remotely through online applications than in previous economic eras. The CreatorAge Workplace Platform is designed to help people gainfully employ themselves in the modern work environment, to ply chosen vocations in fulfilling and exciting new ways. The CreatorAge Workplace opens doors to work vocationally – to use your skills and experience toward work you want to do, on your clock and where those doing the creating and producing reap the rewards.

Vocational Employment

People generally like to work and are most happy when doing work they love and feel passionate about. That’s what vocational employment is all about – putting your skills and experiences to work in the service of occupations and projects you feel called to do. The CreatorAge Workplace helps people find their most desired employment situations, ultimately providing the pathways to successfully realizing personally tailored employment goals. Vocational employment offers increased independence, satisfying social and economic outcomes, and contentment that comes from creating your own path.

Vocations, Avocations, Professions & Trades

On CreatorAge, people choose the elements that go into their own version of gainful employment. Work in hundreds of vocational styles, from full-time on a focused track to part-time using your skills across several industries. Creators of all kinds – artists, artisans, makers, professionals, tradespeople – can use skills, education and experience to occupy themselves to earn an income and thrive in the emerging world of vocational employment.

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