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Anyone who buys or sells something is engaged in a transaction that creates commerce. In recent years, the convenience of buying and selling online has spurred remarkable, explosive growth in the sector. While the CreatorAge Marketplace does provide convenient spaces and programs for buying or selling online, the platform is also engaged in building Internet tools that makes buying and selling offline a convenient experience too.

Human Connections

Online marketing is surely convenient. Just a few clicks and a product moves swiftly from consideration to purchase. Naturally, CreatorAge marketplaces take advantage of Internet shopping convenience and efficiency. But, we also believe there is so much more to be gained through the full human experience in buying and selling. That’s why we infuse our marketplace programs with Main Street style in-person shopping and access elements, such as access to temporary pop-up stores nearby, local focus for product and service searches, and, when needed, online video chat space for one-to-one, face-to-face show and tell.

The Power of Relationship

Modern online marketplaces tend to emphasize speed and convenience, with little effort towards building sustainable relationships between people buying products or services and people selling them. The truth is, established relationships in commerce tend to create greater customer satisfaction and sales stability for merchandisers and service providers. Sure, customer reviews and “products like these” algorithms are helpful and useful, but they lack the human element of trust.

The CreatorAge system re-energizes the trust relationship dynamics between buyers and sellers, which can help lead to sustainable, consistent commerce between people.

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