Plant and Grow Dynamic Communities
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Community Tides
People love to gather with others who share affinities, values, ethnicity and interests. Communities on CreatorAge are designed to help groups meet community goals. The platform’s community APPs and spaces are built to foster a ‘sense of community’ by using its digital tools to establish relationships, manage and retain membership rolls, and gather people together in digital or physical venues.

Purposeful Community

CreatorAge communities cater to groups with a purpose, for community runners and members who wish to do more than ‘meet’ through chat threads and discussion forums. Community creation and management tools help build and manage membership, schedule meetings and keep in contact through online spaces. Actual gatherings can take place locally, in physical places, online in digital meeting spaces or both at once.

Community Funding

CreatorAge communities can generate an income through shared income from advertising, charging subscription fees, affiliate marketing or opening a ‘community store’ which can feature the community’s own products and content or products offered by other creators on the platform.

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