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Media Made for You
Through the Internet, there are literally millions of avenues to access and consume entertainment, news, political and general interest content. The CreatorAge Media Platform is built for people who want to engage with content that appeals to their values, preferences and sensibilities. Content creators can use the platform to engage with audiences based on the same principles. Viewers, listeners and readers set preferences for the content that comes into their sphere, while creators manage the types of audiences where content is shown. The combination truly creates ‘media made for you.’

Reach a Wide Audience

Creators love to see their works viewed by as large a following as possible. CreatorAge media standards are designed to help creators reach wide audiences, first by allowing unfiltered content distribution that is not throttled or diminished by practices such as shadow banning or subjective application of distribution based on varying points of view. Second, CreatorAge media tools help creators build and maintain subscribers, targets advertising to content instead of only audience demographics, and opens doors to new avenues through its content syndication service.

Earn an Income

Media content creators desiring to make an income through their creative works can make use of CreatorAge monetization programs that includes generous creator-first splits from our advertising products, subscription and donation services, and the platform’s integrating crowd-funding application.

Creators can use media monetization to support causes, earn a side income alongside a regular day job, or create a full-time career delivering content. CreatorAge is successful when content creators use its tools to build success for themselves.

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