The CreatorAge Experience
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A Creator Driven Society
The Creator Age is a new era of social and financial benefit for all people. This bright new time is energized by motivated creators shaping a prosperous society. The CreatorAge platform is designed to provide a place for people from every walk of life and industry, to fully participate in the new Creator Economy. Our mission is to provide spaces and tools that help people build communities, make a difference, earn an income and enjoy life.

Create - That’s What People Do!

Everyone is creative. From the moment we come into the world, our creative abilities help us to do things. We communicate, organize, champion our favorite causes, buy and sell goods, services and content, do work, make ends meet and perform millions of other tasks and decisions in an effort to make our daily lives easier, richer and purposeful. These days, much of of our tasks are done online. All too often, online technologies herd people into conforming lanes that stifle creativity. CreatorAge is here to help people blend online experiences into their lives, rather than forcing life to fit the needs of technology.

Living Your Best Life

The number of people using the Internet for day-to-day tasks has exploded as powerful new APPs and websites have replaced traditional ways of doing things. We used to call the internet the Information Superhighway, where people could access world’s of information at lightning speed. But, what once promised to bring humanity enlightenment, has given way to digital universes dominated by the collection of vast amounts of data . . . your data, with user experiences designed to keep people trapped inside walled gardens of manipulation.

The CreatorAge concept liberates people from harsh realities of digital capture, using the Internet as an access point to community or commerce interaction rather than a final destination.

Here, those who create the content, make the goods, produce the work and provide the services are at the top of the economy. CreatorAge spaces, APPs and tools make Creators the emperors of the digital universe, while encouraging a life-infused blending of the physical and digital world’s so that creative people of all kinds can breathe fresh air, meet face to face, enjoy all the senses of human capacity – and accomplish wondrous feats.

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