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A bright new era of personal accomplishment is upon us, where You are in creative, financial and social control of your own destiny. Skilled people – Creators – will now see boundless opportunity to imagine and design the aspirations of a rewarding and purposeful life.

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The Anthem of the Creator Age

Creator Age – The Rise of Vocationalism

Get the book that explains the Creator Age and how technology is changing our future.

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Shop. Create. Sell.

Design your personal economy! Create your own digital store, shop, office, publication, consultancy or business



Your Work. Your Way.

Enjoy the freedom of an independent lifestyle using the skills of your art, trade, craft or profession.



Create Communities.

Launch the communities you need for business networking, socializing with friends or keeping up with family.


Inspired creativity has never been so smooth

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The place to meet your life’s goals

Simple and secure work and play spaces, with helpful assistance every step of the way, leaves you free to concentrate on your core skills

Presenting the Best You

You work hard to bring beauty into the world through your endeavors. Creator Age tools and spaces work just as hard to present you and your creations in ways most advantageous to meet your market and finance goals.

Privacy Matters

Your interactions within the communities you build with colleagues, friends and family are afforded the privacy you deserve. Imagine a place where you own the content of your posts rather than owned by a faceless company.

Commerce by Community

Funding projects, sourcing material or people, and sales of your creations, is now possible through community crowd-source activities. The community becomes your engine to financial success and critical acclaim.

Creator Age Spaces and Apps

Intuitive, simple to access and use spaces and APPs for work and play. Meet for business, employment, social or family purposes on your preferred devices or operating systems.


Cool Tools for the Creator Age

Your Public Face

Your public face may be a storefront, office lobby, publication, weblog or meeting space. Be seen how you want the public to see you

Your Private Space

Hold, meetings, chats and posts for your purposes and you can let in only people and companies you want to interact with privately

Your Workplace

Work alone or collaboratively in your workplace. Decorate your working environment to your tastes and work styles

Community Funding

Fund your projects or even entire companies with the Community Commerce™ crowd-source Funding App

Community Manufacturing

Have your products manufactured or make products for others with the Community Commerce™ crowd-source Manufacturing App

Community Employment

Employ people or find work on a permanent, part-time, distance-work or project basis with the Community Commerce™ Employment App

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