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Responsible Policies Make Community and Commerce Work for You
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Responsible Policies
Make Community and Commerce
Work for You

CreatorAge, Inc. is a for profit company serving Customers that desire to profit from their own activities – building social and/or monetary value for their efforts. The tools, services and spaces offered through its ecosystem provide access to social and economic capital, along with the means of production, distribution and the ability to create sustainable value. The fundamental purpose of the Company is to help people become successful in their pursuits, which in turn creates financial success for the Company while fulfilling its primary mission and supporting its core values.

Our Mission

The CreatorAge mission is to empower people from all walks of life in the free engagement of community and commerce.

Key CreatorAge Principles

Cultivate Human Creativity – Give people tools that inspire imagination and creativity which provide the catalyst for personal or community advancement

Empower Economic Engagement – Break down artificial barriers to economic achievement by providing access to capital and the means of production for all people

Promote Social Diversity – Protect free association and free expression, irrespective of personal or community heritage, social perspective or point of view

Champion Responsible Technology – Develop and market technologies and practices that serve people rather than stifle and diminish them

Elevate the Human Experience – Create and deploy systems that make a positive impact on the lives of people, enhances human interaction and strengthens the bonds of community


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